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Excellent CNN Report on Benefits of Psychedelic Drugs

It's great to see the mainstream media starting to cover the issue of psychedelics in a more positive and truthful way, after decades of fear-mongering propaganda.  It is possible to maintain a lie that fools the majority of people for decades or even hundreds of years, but the truth is eternal and will outlast any attempt to conceal reality.
Phoenix Fire by Jason-C
Phoenix Fire
A couple of weeks ago I finally got my main computer back, after the police seized it and held it for over a year.  I upgraded all the software on it and I'm now running Windows 8.1 (with stardock Start8 because fuck that metro shit), 3ds max 2015 and Vray 3.0.

The last render I made on it before the cops took it was Phoenix and now that the good old Porkchop Express has risen phoenix like from the clutches of the archons, it's only fitting that the first image should be a new Phoenix render.  Due to Phoenix being one of the last renders before the porknapping, I didn't have any backups in my archives so I had to get the Phoenix source files once I got the Porkchop back in order to create a new Phoenix render.  If I'd not gotten the Porkchop back I'd never have been able to make a new Phoenix render, but here we are and here it is!  Is it life imitating art, some sort of unconscious sigil magic, or a massive conspiracy?  Dunno lol.

Modeled in TopMod, produced in 3ds max, rendered in Vray, edited in Photoshop.
SOS Test Renders by Jason-C
SOS Test Renders
A few test renders showing part of the production process for my image "Structure On Space".
Education For Obedience
Everyone who was subjected to the western education system should watch this.
Structure On Space by Jason-C
Structure On Space
First render of 2015!

I thought about how a higher dimensional object would sit on the surface of the universe as if space where a flat plane.  Would a 5-11 dimensional object reflecting on the surface of a 3D object impart some aspect of its nature in the reflection?  Or is that just an illusion that can only be seen from outside and above?  Is there any even higher dimensional object sitting on the surface of that higher dimensional object, lending its characteristics in just such a way that we can only see the effect and not the cause?  Fucked if I know.

:music: Temples - Mesmerise

:nerd:  Modeled in TopMod, set up in 3ds max, rendered in Vray, edited in Photoshop


Jason Chandler
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
>>> <<< is a website designed to be a central repository for accurate scientific information and journalism regarding the benefits of psychedelic substances.  It was created by emmy award winning journalist Amber Lyon after she travelled to South America and worked with shamans and their traditional psychedelic plant medicines to treat the severe trauma she was suffering from as a result of working as a news correspondent in some of the most violent wartorn areas of the world.

You can read about Ambers journey here:…

It is absolutely clear that governments have been lying to the public for decades about the true nature of psychedelics, and the fear and ignorance whipped up by the war on drugs became a self-perpetuating cycle as research on these matters was banned for over 30 years.  Only recently has scientific research started to pick up on these incredible substances, and it's gotten to the point now that fascinating evidence from studies is coming out constantly.  It's hard to keep up with all the progress in this area, which is why a site like is of critical importance, serving as a central repository of information and a community where discussions and debates can take place.

Go and check out the site and read some articles, it's a goldmine of fascinating information.

My Story
I have been battling mental health issues such as depression and anxiety for many years as a result of traumatic experiences when I was younger.  I have been suicidal at several times in my life, and nothing seemed to be able to help me.  I've always been interested in psychedelics for philosophical reasons, but the negative things I heard about them prevented me from actually trying them for many years.  After years of research that turned up some of the positive scientific evidence that's out there, I finally decided to have my first psychedelic experience in 2008 at the age of 26.  I took an extraction containing LSA, a compound similar to LSD, and had a fairly mild trip.  It wasn't what I expected at all, even after years of reading trip reports nothing can prepare for the actual experience, because the effect cannot be expressed in language.  I lay on a couch for a long afternoon and experienced emotions and feelings from my childhood that I had completely forgotten about, and watched the sunlight play on the wall like liquid gold.  I was disappointed at the time because I wanted to see the fantastic trippy visuals I'd heard so much about, but instead it opened doors in my mind that led to places I had no prior conscious awareness of whatsoever.  I only gained an appreciation for what happened during the trip after months of contemplation.

The next couple of years were very difficult as I battled depression and had a major falling out with my family due to the early trauma I mentioned before.  I continued researching psychedelics, and in late 2010 I obtained the materials needed to extract DMT, an easy process of kitchen chemistry that is no more difficult than baking a cake.  DMT is the most powerful psychedelic known to man, and the peak only lasts around 5 minutes.  I began smoking DMT late at night, and it more than made up for my earlier disappointment as I experienced overwhelmingly intense visual hallucinations, but I didn't experience the same powerful mental effects I had previously with LSA.  Smoking DMT had a powerful positive effect on my mood, and my depression and anxiety totally disappeared for around 6 weeks after a single trip.  I became more functional than I had been in over a decade, and I began attending university.

In all I probably had 20 strong DMT trips overall, and over 50 failed attempts due to the difficulty involved in smoking it.  I never had a bad trip, but my experiences were so powerful and overwhelming that I began to feel fear before smoking it.  It was akin to the nervous anticipation before you go on a rollercoaster, and by early 2012 I had basically stopped smoking it.  The positive effects endured however, DMT is an endogenous neurotransmitter that occurs naturally in every human brain, and I believe that smoking it had caused my brain to either increase endogenous production or stimulate endogenous release of DMT.  I started experiencing flashbacks where I would wake up in the middle of the night tripping more powerfully than when I had smoked it, these trips lasted for around 1 minute and were utterly incredible.  This process culminated in early 2013 when I woke up in the middle of the night and had a full DMT breakthrough that was almost exactly like a near death experience.  That experience changed the course of my life, and I've been working ever since to figure out what exactly happened and what the implications are of this apparent satori event.  The flashbacks largely stopped at this point, and my depression was completely lifted until the end of the year, a period of around 8 months.

DMT saved my life, and the experiences I had as a result of it have given my life meaning and opened my mind to the great mysteries of life and the universe.  As a result of DMT, I know that life is infinitely stranger and more interesting than we are capable of perceiving in our normal state of awareness.  People throw around the term "unconscious mind" willy nilly, but almost never have the slightest suspicion of the actual significance of the reality of the concept.  Carl Jung said that our egoic minds are so alienated from our true nature that if we were ever to encounter our higher self it would appear to be so alien it comes from another star system.  My experiences concur with this, and the encounter saved me.

My Arrest
2 days before Christmas 2013, my apartment was raided and searched by the police.  They found my DMT materials sealed up in a box, unused for around 18 months.  I was arrested and a bunch of my property seized, including my computer because apparently having instructions on producing DMT is more illegal than the substance itself, despite the fact that such instructions are freely available on many public websites.  That's why I haven't been able to produce any art this year.  The cops didn't have a valid search warrant for my apartment, but they threatened to kick my door down without showing me the warrant.  After they had invaded my property, they showed me the warrant which was for my neighbour, for the great and terrible crime of having a bong and a small amount of cannabis.  My privacy has been completely destroyed, my property stolen, I was arrested, and I'm facing prison time, because my neighbour had a bong and smoked a bit of weed.  Because Australia has no bill of rights I have no legal basis to challenge the raid.  In Australia, the police can search anywhere they please without a warrant at all, and the people have no rights.

I haven't hurt anyone, I never sold or gave the substance to anybody else.  Nobody in the area where I lived had any inkling of what I was doing, and I caused no trouble.  My society classifies me as a criminal, because I peacefully explored my own mind in my own home.  Any society that classifies peoples own minds as off limits to exploration is deeply, deeply insane.

Psychological Pandemic
The leading cause of death in young people in Australia is suicide.…; What does it say about our supposedly peaceful prosperous society that thousands of people are suffering so profoundly that they would rather die than continue to live in it?  1 in 5 young Australians is struggling with mental illness (… ) and those suffering the most are the least likely to trust the services that are supposed to help them.  What does this say about our society?  How does this relate to the issues outlined above?  It's clear that there is something monstrously wrong with our culture, and nobody knows what to do about it.  The current western psychological and psychiatric establishment has comprehensively failed to address the crisis, and new possibilities are needed desperately.

I could easily have been one of the casualties, and it's only by my fingertips that i'm holding on.  Our social institutions are vast mindless machines that are designed to grind human beings down into the dirt if they fail to slavishly obey the irrational dictates of laws drafted purely out of fear and ignorance.  There is no way to reason with such a system, for it is not founded on reason.  No argument is permitted, you either submit or your human rights are stripped away.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or you'll get thrown into a dungeon.  And we wonder why despair and self-annihilation is spreading through our civilization like a plague.

Scientific research into the tools that unlock the vast unknown frontiers of the human mind was banned for around 30 years, and personal exploration is still taboo and the explorers persecuted.  Evidence is starting to emerge showing that medicines that could potentially save thousands of lives, and treat millions more, are the very substances that the machine is trying to remove from all existence.  Take a look at the information on and honestly question this state of affairs for yourself.
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